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rock wool

rock wool

Series: board
Material: rock wool
Length: 0.6~2.4m
Width: 0.4~1.2m
Thickness: 30~100mm
Density: 40~200kg/m3
Facing: no



Rock mineral wool insulation originates from a volcanic rock that is melted at a temperature around 1,600 °C. Afterwards, it is spun into a package of wool. The rock wool insulation is bound together by means of resins and oils, which give the material waterproof qualities as well




Practically all the insulation in a building can be realised with rock wool: the walls, the roof and the floors. Rock wool does not only offer thermal insulation, it has great advantages concerning noise and fire as well.

Rock wool insulation can therefore be used as fire protection and sound insulation too. In addition, rock wool is also a mineral product. This implies that is does not have an organic breeding ground, as a result of which rock wool is completely immune to mould and rot.

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